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The partners of Helix Ventures have worked together for almost two decades. Graham Crooke led the healthcare investment effort at Asset Management Company (AMC) since 2000 and was joined by Evgeny Zaytsev in 2001. Philip Sawyer started his company, Fusion Medical Technologies at the offices of AMC in 1993 and met the other members of the team when they participated in a highly successful PIPE investment in Fusion in 2001.

Underlying our approach to venture capital are a number of core principles. First among these is a firm belief that new health technologies will significantly improve health care for many millions of patients around the world over the next 10-20 years and that these advances contain enormous potential for value creation. Furthermore, we believe that a disciplined, capital-efficient focus on building fundamentally strong companies is the only way to create long term, sustainable value for investors.

Our strategy is a continuation of what we have been doing for the last ten years: focusing on early-stage, therapeutic product (drug and medical device) companies that address markets with a compelling need. However, we remain open to exceptional later stage opportunities, both public and private. We do not typically invest in medical equipment, diagnostics, healthcare service or healthcare IT companies.

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